“…Over the nine years I’ve been working on many projects with different tile subs in both Colorado and California, but working with your company and directly with your tile installers was a different experience. Your tile team expertise in the field is outstanding! I was impressed with their craftsmanship and attention to detail. Tile installers waited for me to come on site so they can do an open curved stair tile mock-up. They were so patient and kind and did couple of mock-ups for me and we have selected the best option, as a result, the curved stair looks beautiful!

The craftsmanship and detailed work for all the tile installation in the building is just outstanding and the best that I have seen in over nine ears of work! This building by design had a lots of tile and I was hoping for a really good installer and I was feeling so lucky that your team was doing this job. Layton team have told me that you guys are one of the best tile installers that he works with and he was right, you guys did an outstanding job and I am so pleased! The owner is very happy as well!

 You guys have set high expectations now for the tile subs and it would be hard for our firm to get that same level of service. But I will sure pass your contact information to our office in California, since I am working in Colorado and had to travel for this project specifically.

That being said, I hope we will have another project and opportunity to work with your company and I will sure hope to get to work with same installation team again on a future project…” - Lead Designer of the Loma Linda project

City Tile and Stone Tile was also featured in an article on It covers the work done on the Loma Linda University Medical Office and goes into detail on what our company was able to accomplish with the building.

“On each project, City Tile has performed high quality installations, maintained the project schedule and completed the work at a reasonable price. Your installers always comply with our safety requirements and we have not had any issues with your crews not following job site protocols set by the individual superintendents on the projects. Your company also is very skilled at the pre-construction coordination and working with other subcontractors.“